Monday, March 12, 2007


Babies do not comprehend time changes!  I started wondering why Logan was so wide awake at a late hour tonight, then James reminded me of the time change.  Oh yeah.  Duh.  That's probably why I had such a hard time holding my eyes open during the sermon today.  I really wish that we could just pick one time and stick with it.  I wonder how long it will take to adjust to this time change.  I do not remember the fall change with fondness.

This week the Genevans, the choir of my alma mater, performed at our church.  We had four of the choir members stay overnight at our house.   Our kids were thrilled to get to sleep on a bedroom floor in sleeping bags.  It is funny how small changes can seem like such an adventure to them.  James and I stayed up talking to the young men for a little while.   (We're old fogies now.  The college kids were probably born when we were in high school!)  They did a little laundry.  At one point, one of them started looking out the window into the night.  We wondered what he was doing, but then he asked, "Is that a helicopter!"  We laughed, because the loud noise and vibration shaking the room was actually caused by the spin cycle of our washing machine!

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