Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fake Food

In my recent egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free culinary adventures I have been pleasantly surprised by a food that at first glance did not seem fit for human consumption.

Fake cheese.

As a child, I detested imitation cheeses such as "American" or "Velveeta" which I sometimes had to eat anyway, because they were cheaper than the real thing. (I know! Poor me.)

Anyway, my longing for pizza led me to consume soy "cheese" in spite of its unappealing, clammy, gelatinous texture. Admittedly, I won't eat it cold, but melted on top of a gluten-free pizza, it is a reasonable facsimile.

On the other hand, my hopes for "Rice Dream" or "Soy Dream" ice cream standing in for the real dairy treat were dashed by the aftertaste. Yuck. Just yuck. But maybe what is bad for the tastebuds will be good for the waistline. ;-)


lynardlynard said...

My daughter who doesn't agree with milk likes Organic So Delicious. She says it is better than the Soy Dream. Hope you find something that you like.

|||||| lynard

Susan T said...

I think I have a tasty solution to your ice cream cravings. I will make it in a couple of days for my family and bring some to you. Can you have raw cocoa, coconut oil, avacado and vanilla? I know it does not sound like a good combo, but it is!