Sunday, June 10, 2007

Notes from Our House


Reporting from Fort Logan... The dining room table is just the right height for a baby-sized hide-out. Logan thinks it is funny when I peer down at him through the glass.

Look at me holding up a tree!

This kid can crawl fast.

The older three have been wanting to learn how to sew, which is something I don't have a handle on myself. My cousin Julie has agreed to get us started on sewing using the book Buckles and Bobbins for the boys and Stitches and Pins for Sophie. We have James' Grandma's old sewing machine which I need to take in to get fixed. Years ago I tried to use it, but the bobbin thread got snarled inside the machine every time, even after I had it adjusted. It did the same thing for Julie when she tried to use it. For the kids' first lesson, Julie showed them the tools we will be using and explained their use, demonstrated how to thread the machine, and had each of them practice that much. After the machine is repaired, we will continue...


Logan enjoyed the sewing lesson in his own way.

One evening this past week, Evan announced "I just finished Redwall."

I asked, "How many times have you read that book?!"

"Six" he replied, "but I skip over some parts that I know really well like sword hunting."

"What!" interjected Matthew, "That is the best part!"


KathyJo said...

Eli loves to stand under our kitchen table, too. And he uses the chairs as walkers. :}

I've been wanting to teach the boys to sew, but I wasn't sure where to start. Please let me know how y'all like the book.

Melkhi said...

Hi Kathy Jo

I'll let you know if we like the book after we've used it for awhile. Maybe I will learn myself! :)