Friday, June 01, 2007

If You Were a Fly On Our Wall...

"Pillow Talk"

James: "I'm glad that I married you."

Me: "I'm glad that I married someone who lives in Colorado." (...Cracking myself up.)

James: Good-natured laughter

(I'm so glad that I married someone who enjoys my teasing.)

"Pillow-Talk" Part Two

Me: "I don't ask for much. Just get me something gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free."

James: "'Nothing' is easy!"

During the Televised National Spelling Bee

Matthew impersonating a judge: "Spell 'nonsense'"

Matthew impersonating a contestant answering: "Khwoihtksdtl"

(Get it? He made me laugh!)

Overheard on a Daily Basis

Any given member of this family: "Evan would you please stop singing Christmas songs?"


Jackie said...

hee hee

marmot4944 said...


I am so glad that we aren't the only family "gifted" with a lover of Christmas songs.

jen said...

at least he doesn't ask (make) you sing them... seb still asks me to sing o come all ye faithful on a regular basis.

Dell said...

I had the sense to marry a Coloradan, but then he moved us to Wyoming. Ficklew man. (Naw... Much as I love Colorado, I told him I'd be willing to follow him wherever he should lead us, EVEN *laugh* to Wyoming. ;) )

Love the spelling bee nonsense one! Very quick thinking.

Dy said...

I love to see a marriage that's filled with warm ribbing. :-) I remember Zorak looking at me as we drove "east" and saying, "Wow, you must really love me to be doing this." "Yeah, I must," I replied with a wink.

Matthew's joke cracked me up. That one's not only got a good sense of humor, but he's sharp as a tack, too!