Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Matter of Perspective

After the recital, we went out to eat as a family to a restaurant (with a gluten free menu). As we ordered our food, waited, and began eating, I noticed two older couples at two different tables across the aisle watching our family with interest. I also realized that Logan had already used up most of his content baby reserves at the recital. Probably not the best time to eat out.

James and I kept swapping out items to hold Logan's interest and entertain him as he sat in the wooden high chair. In short order, things started to irritate him, and he began to merely fling the objects to the floor and rev up to fuss. I took something from him which he was winding up to throw and in the process of tossing his head in a fit, he bumped his mouth on the table in front of him. Of course wailing ensued as I wrangled him out of the chair straps and onto my lap, popping the paci into his mouth as fast as possible. Thankfully the paci and my lap quieted him, though I noticed one of our observers shaking her head out of the corner of my eye.

James and I juggled Logan between us and the high chair again as we ate. Our dinner conversation also included phrases such as, "Eat like you are in public and not like you are in a barn," and "Leave your sister alone."

One of the observing couples left and then the other got up to leave. They walked over to us and with smiles on their faces, they repeatedly congratulated us on our "beautiful and well-behaved children." I beamed back at them and thanked them with relief in my heart.

I was tempted to let the praise of the couple go to my head and be self-congratulatory, but the conviction over my own lack of peace and my own temper earlier while trying to get everyone to the recital on time nipped that in the bud. I thanked God then...

...and now as I type this for the blessings of family which spilled over to others at that restaurant.

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