Monday, July 09, 2007


I certainly have not done a great job of recording milestones in Logan's development. When my older three were babies and toddlers, I kept a calendar for each, frequently jotting down their firsts and memorable things that they did or said. I thought that the blog would be Logan's calendar, but while I've treasured each step in his development, I haven't written much down.

Perhaps he will say when he is older, "Hey! Where is my calendar?" The older kids occasionally page through theirs, giggling at what they used to be like. How else, for instance, would we all remember that "Evoo", as he called himself, liked to listen to "mookie" (music) and eat "clakelo" (canteloupe). And when Matthew took his firsts steps, I could look back at Evan's calendar and make the connection that they both began walking when they were 10 1/2 months. In fact I counted the number of days after the ten month mark for both boys, and they both started walking on the same day!

Logan will just have to console himself with the larger number of pictures we have taken as he has grown due to the film-free ease of a digital camera.

Anyway, two days ago, Logan starting saying his first word. Ironically, his first word is "Hi." I say ironically, because unlike the older three, he does not warm up easily to people outside of our family circle. He smiled the earliest of any of our babies, but he reserves a poker face for most people. Hopefully he will learn to say "Hi" to other people besides just us! We certainly enjoy hearing him pipe in with his, "Hi....Hi...Hi" in the same tone of voice that we use when we say it to him.

When my parents visited recently, Logan stood hands free for a while for the first time while we all clapped. Then on July 5th, he began practicing standing up from the floor. I did catch some of that on video (currently in the sidebar).

James, the kids and I all agree that having a baby around is great family entertainment!

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Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Thats a great idea to keep the book/calendar for the kiddos. I keep a journal for my son, writing down witty and funny things he says, etc. I haven't been so good now that he is older though in keeping it up. However, I do write about him all the time in my blog so what I do is print out a copy of each post I do and put that in a 3-ring binder and I find it is a great way to keep those memories complete with pics!