Monday, July 23, 2007

Mission Accomplished

100_3194Ah! We finished the garage!

Anyone who has seen our garage will immediately know that the garage was a MAJOR project. For everyone else, be thankful that you did not see it. I did not even take Before pictures. The After pictures are my way of trying to erase the bad memories. Hee hee.

[James: I can now look forward to winter without having to scrape the frost off of the car windshield. Melissa helped me to organize and to realize what we did not need. It is now possible to keep the garage clean, and I plan to do so!]

Taming the beastly garage gave me the courage to slay the paper dragon on my desk. Today I revamped our filing system and added a binder for pressing household business that needs attention. Hopefully I now have a place to put everything.

Train them while they are young! ;-) Logan seems to think that the vacuum is his friend. He gets excited whenever it appears and will sit quietly mesmerized, watching it in operation.

He took a couple unassisted steps this weekend and again tonight, but he still leans too much to keep steadily balanced. It would be fine with me if he kept crawling for awhile longer.

He has added even more drama to his crying lately. Prior to this past week, at times when he was told no about something, he would stick his bottom lip out and let out a rather fake "WAAAAaaaaaaah" while squeezing his eyes shut tight and then blinking them. Quite the little actor! Now, mainly when he must endure a diaper change, he sounds like a miniature Tarzan. If he wants us to feel sorry for him the way he is feeling sorry for himself, it is not working! We all think it quite hilarious. Maybe I can catch him on video so that he can laugh at himself later.


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Wow, what a neat garage! I wish mine looks as good. Now that my rugrat is back home, my completely neat and organized house isn't quite so. Its not bad but everything isn't in its place. Oh well, I'l llive. Your garage looks awesome though. I wish I had seen a before pic though.

Margaret said...

I saw the "before" and the "after" looks wonderful! As your grandmother used to say, "It looks like you could eat off the floor"?

Logan looks like he has thinned out a bit, has he?


jen said...

whoa. it's like a miracle--two whole cars fit in there!

Jackie said...

that's what i need to do to my basement--though i don't have the added motivation of being able to fit my cars in it. that logan is such a cutie...

Gayle said...

Wow!! So clean! It is such a great feeling to declutter and organize. I just did Julianna's room yesterday, and it is so nice to go in there now.. :)