Monday, July 16, 2007

On Logan's Birthday

Logan woke up this morning a little too early apparently, because he began the morning full of yawns and fussiness. James led us in singing "Grumpy Birthday To You."

James is taking vacation time this week, and our goal is to tackle projects that need attention around our house. The thought of packing for a trip while dealing with a baby and allergy issues did not appeal this year. Though we are spending vacation time to do work, it is pleasant in that it is a different kind of work than what we normally are responsible to do, plus we are able to work together as a family.

As James began tackling the garage this morning, sorting stuff into piles, I piled the kids in the van, stopping at the Post Office to send in the boys' standardized achievement tests, at the recycling center to empty our overflowing containers, and at Target to purchase containers. At one point as we drove, Evan asked, "What time is it?" I looked at the clock to read "9:04" which was precisely the time of Logan's birth one year ago! We sang "Happy Birthday" for real... Logan hit empty on his contentment reserve before the end of the trip. The kids and I sang "Old MacDonald" most of the way home for him, covering every farm animal in existence, I do believe. We exchanged one noise for another.

Logan fell asleep earlier in the morning than usual and slept through the sound of the power saw that James used to cut openings in some of the new containers. I can say with satisfaction that a section of the garage around the doorway got dejunked, swept, and organized. Each person in the family now has a tub for shoes, boots, hats etc. and each category of recyclable material has its place. "A place for everything and everything in its place." Happy sigh.

Following his nap and lunch, in lieu of a birthday cake, Logan enjoyed a popsicle (naturally egg-free and dairy-free ;-) on the front lawn and a dip in the wading pool. At various times throughout the day, he opened gifts and played with some new toys and a book.

100_3066 100_3081 100_3088 100_3094 100_3151 100_3159
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In the afternoon, I rocked him and sang "Happy Birthday" again with a catch in my throat and tears in my eyes as I prayed for family missing a daughter. I felt pulled between the joy of celebrating life and the sorrow of grieving its loss.

In the evening, Logan went into high gear as usual, crawling, standing, playing and babbling. He enjoyed pointing between the painting in the kitchen featuring a lamb and the painting in the family room of horses, reviewing the different sounds the animals make. It sounded to me like he said, "Neigh."

Bye Now!


Gayle said...

I have been trying to leave a comment for the last few days to tell you that I am praying for your family and to wish sweet little Logan a happy birthday, but for some reason my computer wouldn't load the comment page. :/
Anyway, please know that I am lifting all of you up during this hard time. I can't even imagine what her parents must be going through right now. Please keep us updated.
And as for that little pumpkin pie...girl...he is soooooo cute! What a blessing! Happy Birthday Logan!
My *baby's* birthday is today. :)

Dell said...

No grumpy birthay in those pictures! He looks VERY happy and adorable! He's a cutie. I love the parting shot.

Keegan at that age would go into high gear in the evenings too. It has mellowed a bit, but it was a bit stunning (and hillarious) to watch him suddenly become turbo baby!

Happy birthday, Logan!