Sunday, April 20, 2008

Evening Exercise

When the kids and I took a walk around the pond during the day this week, we were surprised by a little freak of nature. We heard a rattling in the reeds and the trees beside the pond as dried twigs and grasses flew wildly in the air. The wind skated across the pond, churning the water in a circle, and skirted off across the path in front of us. The children asked me breathlessly, "What was that?!" and were delighted when I told them that it was a whirlwind.

On Friday evening when James got home from work, we immediately set out on another walk around the pond...









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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!! (in the last 3 posts.) Especially the sunset ones. I'm with you on spring weather, I think Utah weather is a lot like Colorado. It was 80 on Monday and we went hiking, Tuesday it snowed. We're seeing blossoms finally though, so I think there's hope.

:) Kristiana