Thursday, April 10, 2008

Piano Pressure

The annual piano competition that the boys are signed up to participate in is at the end of this week. Lord willing, we will all be able to attend, though a virus is wreaking havoc in our family. The competition director is highly stressed right now, because a large number of the contestants are suffering with high fevers. Matthew, Sophie, Logan and myself are sick at present, but the fevers have gone down, though the symptoms are not completely gone. My prayer is that Evan will not get hit with the illness before the competition and that Matthew will be enough recovered to participate.

Evan played in this competition last year for the first time and took third place in the beginner division. It was a thrill to see him perform with composure and with joy in his face. He and Matthew both become energized by having an audience, and usually play their best under pressure. Whose children are they?!

This is Matthew's first year playing in the competition and Evan's last year in the beginner division. The beginner division is split into two groups this year. Matthew is in the younger group; Evan in the older. It will be a challenge for me to keep my nerves of sympathy calm sitting through two groups of players. Our piano teacher thinks that Sophie will be up to playing in this competition next year. That will be three different groups! Smileys

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Margie said...

I wish I could be there. I'd probably embarras the boys by crying.