Sunday, April 13, 2008

Picture Blogging...


Doesn't Matthew look so cute with the Steinway?


There is no such thing as a normal picture with Evan. The split second before this he was making a face at me. He's eleven.

Evan was too sick to attend the winners' recital last night. My dad informed me that Liberace performed a concert running a 103 temperature. Fortunately for Evan's health, the use of Liberace as an example failed to impress me.


Logan is such a help when Sophie practices.


Maybe this is why...


Logan likes James the most.

My favorite word that Logan says right now is, "appleboss" (applesauce). My favorite phrase that he says is, "U-cu-bo!" (for "Up you go!") My favorite sentence spoken recently by him: "Daddy change dipey."


Nikki said...

Logan's sentence is pure genius. "Daddy change dipey" is just a great idea.


Meliss said...

Hi Nikki

That's why I don't complain too much when Logan insists on having Daddy instead of me. :D

Gayle said...

Hey Melissa!
I really like your new look! What is it with 11 year old boys and their picture ruining?! (Not that his looks bad AT ALL, just that my son does that all the time).
I have to say, I remember when little Logan was born and it just blows my mind how time flies. Wow...I was also completely shocked to find out that WTM went to registered users (probably a great idea). That just goes to show how long it's been since I have been around there.
Goodness, sorry for the book of a comment! Apparently, I felt the need to catch up..LOL!

Meliss said...

Hi Gayle

Nice to "see" you! At least Evan is happy making faces in the pictures. There are a lot of eleven year old scowling pictures of the hospital with a broken arm... camping pictures with awful hair that my parents insisted on taking pictures of. :)

Have you registered over at WTM?

MyKidsMom said...

Hi. I found your link at Nikki's comments and thought I would stop by.

I love the sound of picture blogging...or was that just for that one post? Because I LOVE pictures...and they don't have to be neccessarily of my own kids, although those ARE the best:)

You have TOTALLY made my day with the pencil post 3 posts ago; I bought atleast 20 pencils a few weeks ago, and not one could be found today. This contest will start today in my homeschool!

Meliss said...

Hi MyKidsMom

Thanks for stopping by!

I just couldn't think of another title for that post, though I do post a lot of pictures. I like looking at other people's pictures too.

I'm happy to help put a stop to disappearing pencils! :)

lynardlynard said...

Your site is looking sweet! Nice lyt and content. :-) I love the pics. Your boys are such handsome young men now. Wow.

|||||| lynard

Meliss said...

Hi Lynne! Thanks. They are growing up aren't they? Eeeek.