Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Walk

The sun came out indeed and we went on a walk after lunch.

100_5002 100_5006

When we arrived at the pond, we saw an American Coot (Hi, ya old Coot!) and a new bird which we later identified as an American Avocet. We could not see the birds close up, but got a better look with the zoom on the camera.
100_5019 100_5036

100_5053 100_5060

Mr. Mallard looked very dapper in his orange galoshes. I think the avocet on the right was doing T-Tapp, balancing on one leg while stretching its neck to drain those lymph nodes.

100_5064 100_5072

We freed the toddler from his chariot to trudge around the pond with the big kids.

100_5075 100_5077

100_5079 100_5085

I watched the avocets as well as the children. Evan and Sophie tried reasoning with the toddler to return to his stroller. *Snicker*

100_5089 100_5101

100_5105 100_5106


Margie said...

Have you told the older siblings that they were just as stubborn when they were two and that it was going to get worse before it gets better?


Jackie said...

how nice to have such a pretty sort of wilderness so near your house. what fun and what wildlife to be seen.