Thursday, April 17, 2008

This IS Spring in Colorado

I've noticed several bloggers posting pictures of lovely flowers, budding branches, and other signs of spring in their area. Yesterday morning, I heard birds twittering in the trees and I looked outside to see the sun shining in the clear blue sky. The children dressed themselves in short sleeves and even shorts, and I thought to myself that we ought to take a walk to the pond after lunch. James and the kids had seen pelicans floating on the water when they drove by last weekend.

We should have gone out for our walk in the morning! The sky quickly turned gray as clouds rolled in. After lunch, the weather turned cold and damp and soon it began to snow. We could have bundled up for a brisk walk, but we gravitated towards a warm fire to read books instead.

I took these pictures of a poor little bloke out the back window:




Snow is a sign of spring in Colorado. It often snows more in the spring than in the winter. At least the sun will return soon to melt it all away.

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful pics!