Sunday, April 06, 2008

'Splaining to Do...

Some of the regular visitors to my blog might feel a little bit like Miss Muffet after stopping by on Tuesday. I hope those who were temporarily trapped in my web of deceit trick will not be frightened away!

On Tuesday morning, I was not thinking about the date or April Fool's Day until I came across this hilarious prank attempt by Gmail. James and I laughed about it together, and I decided to try a prank on my blog. Of course, I'm not as experienced in A.F. pranks, or as masterful as my blogger friend, Hillary, who pulled this memorable prank last year...which her sister believed. Tee Hee.

I must admit to some guilty laughter over some of the commenters who were thrown into doubt by my announcement, or who really believed me. The guilty part came in when Nikki told me that she would be praying for me! (Yes, I do need prayer, but for different reasons...)

My favorite comment came from my sister, Loey, who wrote:
"You dog, you stole our thunder last time with Sophie, and here you go again… looks like I’ll have to wait a week or two so our special news can get the attention it deserves."
There's no fooling her, but a relative of mine did email me to ask if Loey was expecting. You're good, Loey! (Loey has much more experience at lying pranks than I do.)

My mom emailed me to say that based on the date, she would wait another day to see whether my condition persisted. My dad admitted that he fell for it. My sister, Jen, tried to sit on the fence in her comment, and...I hope that my sister Jackie will talk to me again.

Today, I'm sick (It's a cold!) and my Aunt Beth told me that I deserve to be sick for my prank. (Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!) Maybe she's right, but it sure was fun!

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