Friday, April 04, 2008

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

I took Sophie to her second cello lesson today and had one of my own. I already really like the teacher, Kathleen. She is starting Sophie back at the beginning with "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," and has catchy ways of teaching the different sections of the tune which the former teacher did not use with Sophie. For example, to teach the movement of the bow from the D-string to the A-string, Kathleen taught Sophie a little song (which is actually just the first part of "Twinkle"):
Daddy's in the kitchen (on the D-string, then stop and "roll" the bow...)
doing all the dishes (on the A-string )
Daddy's in the kitchen (back to the D-string)
Sophie made up her own ditty to use this week which amused her teacher and me:
Daddy's watching baseball
cheering for the Rockies
Daddy's watching baseball
Anyway, previously I thought Sophie's transition between strings was kind of sloppy and her bowing wasn't straight. I appreciate Kathleen's attention to the little, but essential details right from the start.

Sophie's bow grip has come back to her, and she actually has excellent form. She just needs to keep practicing to build up more strength in her hand which is getting fatigued very quickly.

Speaking of fatigue, I had a half hour lesson right after Sophie and the muscles started complaining almost immediately. I brought my cello, but forgot my end-pin at home (Duh!). Happily, Kathleen has two cellos and loaned me one of hers for the lesson. I bought a book from her with exercises to improve thumb position. Some of the tunes actually parallel what Sophie will be learning in her Suzuki book so that I can play with her, just up in the stratosphere! I'm not sure what Kathleen's educational background is, other than being certified as a Suzuki instructor, but she is advanced enough to teach me, yet not so driven that I would be required to practice two hours a day (which just wouldn't happen.) Hopefully I can be a good example to Sophie and renew my enjoyment in playing cello.


Nikki said...

Hi Meliss. Yes, I was the one who asked the question about piano lessons.

We did find a teacher and she began lessons last September when she was only 6 years old. She is doing wonderfully and her teacher is fantastic. I believe my daughter has the gift to play because she has zoomed through two levels and is ready to begin the third level after just 7 months. She practices without even being told. All of which, I am very thankful.

Thanks for assuring me a year ago to give it a try.


Meliss said...

Hi Nikki

I'm glad that your daughter is enjoying piano and doing so well!

Julie said...

how fun that you're starting lessons again. good for both of you - enjoy some fun practicing (& tired muscles) for me too! =)