Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fact Building

Can you smell that? Sorry. Our washing machine put a spin on things by running through its cycles today...without water. I didn't figure it out until I "washed" the diapers twice~ first on "cold" then on "hot". Water did run into the drum initially, but then right on out, leaving behind a lot of suds to mingle with the mess. A Sears repairman is scheduled to show up sometime on Wednesday. Sigh. I've gotta do something with the diapers before Wednesday.

On a cheerier note, Logan just discovered that his knees work well for getting around and is crawling "for real". He has even managed to crawl up the stairs several times. The older kids make great "spotters" and cheerleaders.

We kept a program from the piano competition for posterity. Evan had to write a short blurb about his interests and future plans for the performing arts when he applied for the competition. The program listed "fact building" as one of his hobbies. I wonder if anyone scratched their head about that one and thought "geeky homeschooler". Evan actually wrote "fort building." (He knows some facts, but doesn't presume to build any!)

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