Saturday, May 19, 2007

Number Eleven

Sometimes birthdays around here are a pleasant family time at home. Sometimes we eat out at a special restaurant. Sometimes we throw a party. In honor of Evan's eleventh birthday this year, the mood hit for a party.

James did the food shopping last night, and this evening the kids and I put together a taco salad supper at the church. Six families attended Evan's party. We set up tables indoors, but the beautiful weather enticed everyone to grab chairs and eat out on the lawn.

Seventeen children (not counting two babies) attended, providing a good number for a few games of "Capture the Flag." After a healthy amount of outdoor running around, the kids came in to play "Space Base." In the latter game, James picked two "aliens" who hid (in relatively plain sight) the pieces to a flashlight around the church building while the space travelers counted in a back room. When the time was up, the space cadets searched for the "laser" parts while trying to avoid getting tagged and frozen by the aliens. The cadets were given twenty minutes to find and assemble the laser and shoot the aliens. If they failed in their mission, the aliens won.

After several space battles, time allowed for another group game and the playing of some assorted board games. The parents enjoyed the opportunity to socialize as well!


Evan holds up a truck poster made by his friend Caleb for all to admire.

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