Wednesday, May 09, 2007


In the past six weeks, my 9 month old developed a nasty case of eczema. From past experience, I knew that our pediatrician would recommend using hydrocortisone and Aquaphor. I'm not thrilled with using a steroidal treatment on my kids and I've had limited success with Aquaphor. This time around, first I tried using a coconut oil lotion, again with limited success (though it is my favorite lotion to use on my own Colorado dry skin). Finally I listened to my cousin who recommended ...

The Vanicream has caused the redness to fade and the rough patches and bumps are mostly gone.

Works for me!


Amy said...

I'm having limited success with the Aquaphor, too... both my son (10 months) and I have bouts with eczema. I'll have to look for this other cream. Thanks for sharing!

Amblin said...

One of my sons has severe eczema. We have not used Vanicream in a while with him. Thanks for the reminder to try it again! I'm glad it's helped your little one. It can be so hard to see our children suffer with eczema. I posted about eczema and our family just last week. To see this WFM tip was such a blessing! Thanks :)

Lammy said...

I have battled eczema for 35 years of my life, and have yet to find something that really works.
Cetyl alcohol is usually in everything, and makes mine worse.
Wonder if this will work. I think I will try the little 4 oz tube instead of the 1lb jar! Just in case. :)
FYI the best thing that works for me so far is the ointment version of any hydrocortisones. The creams dry my skin out and makes me itchier.
Thanks for the wfmwm

Melissa said...

Thank you so much! My six-month-old has some mild eczema and hydrocortizone was recommended. It worked for a little while and it has come back. I'm going to try this. :-)

-Kaz said...

I use Eucerin for my eczema. Granted, I think it's better for everyday maitanance than for outright 'cure', but as a regular over-the-counter product I definitely recommend it. The creme is MUCH better than the lotion! Less slippery.