Saturday, May 19, 2007

Colorado Birds

We took a break this afternoon from lawn-mowing, weed-pulling, laundry and dishes to take a walk as a family to a local pond. We were treated to the stunning sight of Yellow-headed Blackbirds in the trees by the reeds along the water as well as the ubiquitous Red-Winged Blackbirds. While we often see a lone loon with its periscope head poking up out of the water, this time we spotted a loon on a log spreading its wings. And half-hidden along the edge of a partly submerged stand of trees, a Great Blue Heron warily waded in the water, then spread its wide wings to fly to a more distant spot of the pond. We enjoyed the calming fresh breath of nature in the midst of the mundane duties of our day.


Jackie said...

how nice that you have someplace so close to 'get away' to and see so many cool things.

oh, and i'm glad you're switching sites b/c i was getting annoyed with the waiting too.

JenIG said...

that sounds like a truly marvelous day!

lynardlynard said...

So cool that you are on blogspot now. I have one just to communicate with some friends.

I haven't seen a red-winged blackbird for a long time. Are they common in Colo.? I had one in captivity when I was young. The bird was sick, but it seemed to get better and we let him go.

The hawks have been soaring over the valley behind our house. They are so magnificent.

|||||| lynard