Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ten Months

The little Logeman turned ten months this week. A delightful age. A delightful boy. For the most part. He does have a cranky dark side. Especially when teething. Like now. Fussy boy did just try to claw off my face whilst I tried to snap his pants. Temper, temper.

But back to the good stuff. He definitely knows the meaning of "Hi" and "Goodbye" and waves his little fingers (at himself) when he hears those words. He also has figured out that pointing is directing someone's attention to something of interest. He likes to point at objects and gasp with glee. Thankfully, no one will consider him rude for pointing at ten months. He is rather disruptive at family worship, but that's mainly our fault. We are not disciplining ourselves to stop giggling when he practices his coughing or growling.

He has the crawling down pat now and has the red, rough knees to prove it. He also enjoys pulling up on furniture and walking along it. Evan says that he stood without holding on to anything briefly. (I'll believe it when I see it.) I'm not in any hurry for him to walk.

He's mostly a Momma's boy, though sometimes he prefers Evan to me. (Evan carts him around without trying to "get something done" at the same time.) Logan is very wary of "strangers" (anyone not in his immediate family.) At the least, he stares at others, but if someone dares to try to hold him, it usually elicits much arching of the back and wailing from him. None of my older three did that. I feel bad for my friends who are just itching to cuddle a baby, but get handed a banshee instead!

Sophie sighed this morning, saying, "I'm so glad we have a new baby." He doesn't seem so new to me at ten months, but I sure enjoy this age.

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