Friday, May 25, 2007

"Home James"

As I said to the kids as they went to bed last night, "It is always better when Daddy is home." James was gone for work for three days this week, and we sure are glad that he is home. The days get long without adult reinforcement come evening...especially when there is no chocolate in the house to speak of (well at least not of the gluten-free, dairy-free variety.) James came back and brought chocolate, the dear man.

I'm not sure of the point, but in some meeting that he attended, someone shared a video called "Herding Cats" which we looked up on YouTube. Here it is for your viewing enjoyment:


Dell said...

So glad your man is home again. I know all too well the exhaustion that sets in when ken is gone. OOF!

As to having no chocolate, I can't even imagine. My family knows it would be a crisis indeed if mommy didn't have chocolate. I don't think they've ever risked letting me run out. SOOO glad he brought some for you!

Dancing Boys Mom said...

I remember that commercial. Very funny.