Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Go to Sleep Now and Rest

Maybe I'm spoiling him. He is my fourth baby, and I like to hold him as he falls asleep.

Each of my first three babies learned quickly to fall asleep when I put them down in the crib. I remember times when they were so tired they reached for their bed and wanted to be laid down. Naptime or bedtime was rarely difficult...unless the naptime or bedtime did not occur at home. I remember, especially with my first, when my baby could not go to sleep, because he did not have his crib in which to fall asleep.

Logan, on the other hand, can fall asleep in my arms (or on my back in the Ergo) anywhere which makes going out and about with a baby a little bit easier. Of course, sometimes, I do miss just laying the baby down and walking out of the room.

Tonight, I enjoyed rocking Logan who played with my fingers till he drifted off to sleep.

Then I sneezed.

His eyes flew open. He smiled behind his paci. He started making noises that sounded like a cross between a lap dog "woofing" and sniffing. Yet another sound effect to add to the repetoire.

After a while, he drifted off to sleep again.

I carried him upstairs, laid him down in his crib and walked out of the room.

The tendons in my feet cracked...

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Jackie said...

oh, i missed this one before--i didn't get passed the ergo post. i rocked lily to sleep for the first year but then she phased herself out of that and started demanding to go to bed and bedtime and naptime has been easy ever since. the best of both worlds. a sleeping baby is an especially precious gift no matter where they are doing it.