Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Recycling" China

My Grandma enjoyed her collection of tea cups and saucers and did not know what to do with this particular saucer when the tea cup broke. She gave it to my aunt who gave it to me and now I have a unique and lovely soap dish! The colors complement the decor of my bathroom. While the towels and other accessories merely bring to mind the department store from which they were purchased, this dish reminds me of my dear Grandma.

Works for me!


Scribbit said...

That really is lovely, nice touch.

Carrie J said...

Very nice. I have used odd saucers to hold candles. I love the pictures on your blog btw. I am more of a photo blogger than a writer and I tend to go to blogs that have lots of pictures.
Yours are very nice.

Dell said...

LOVELY! I use vintage saucers under pillar candles, but I love the soap dish idea too!

That one is especially pretty!

Jane said...

I have to pass this on to my mom. Her bathroom is Victorian and she has displayed my grandma's collection of glass baskets there. Great idea!

mere said...

That is a beautiful idea!