Thursday, May 31, 2007

Waterfowl and Wildflowers

The kids and I set out for an expedition to the pond in the morning, hoping to avoid afternoon rainshowers (which did not materialize anyway.) Sophie gathered a wildflower bouquet along the way while the boys "collected specimens" to be identified at home.

Once again, we were treated to new sights at the water. An American coot family swam among the reeds at the pond's edge, including two little red-headed youngsters. Loons soared overhead before landing. (I think that is the first time I've seen a loon flying.) Canada geese drifted in a row to the center of the pond. After spending some time gazing at the water, I noticed some flecks reflecting light near the big birds. I finally realized that they must be goslings but was surprised at how tiny they were! Ducks landed nearby, skidding as they chased each other. Matthew spotted two small ducks, the male with a white patch on its face and a blue beak. Later at home, he identified it as a Ruddy Duck. (See last picture on linked page.)

Matthew pushed the jogger stroller awhile on the way home while Logan and I played the "Cough Game." (We made it up on the spot). Logan fake coughed, and I whirled suddenly around to look at him each time he hacked while he crowed with laughter in between.

At home, the older three once again eagerly pulled out their nature notebooks to record some of their discoveries.


Hillary said...

Logan's "Cough Game" could scare unsuspecting passersby. You've got the patient with the scary, scary strain of TB in Denver!

Can you imagine the looks people would give you? :)

Melkhi said...

Hi Hillary!

I think people would more likely be giving us looks because we are weird and easily entertained. :)

I hope that nobody contracted TB while that guy flew to Paris! It should be criminal.

Anne said...

Oh, we love the cough game! :)
I'm so jealous of your nature walk and all that spontaneous learning! :)
I was happy to see your entry on HSB about multiplication tables and Times Tales. Unfortunately, I just ordered something else (something cheaper but probably not as good!) for William's summer fun. I do think I'll work on skip counting with Micah soon.
Love the Mom video! :)